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Aaand I’m Gone…

Bye Tumblr!!! Tantalizing Tidbits is now officially back over at Blogger!! This blogger page will still stay up, so everyone can read past posts. But going forward, directs to blogger. See you there!!!

Where Am I?

Yes, I am switching back to blogger. It’s time, and I think I’ll have more readership.

No, I don’t want to write any more articles on here until I do that.

Yes, I’m being lazy about doing it. I’ve been SO busy lately!!

No, I don’t know when that will be. We’ll see if I get time during the week, now that my roomie is gone again and it’s just me and Loki. If I don’t, it certainly won’t be this weekend, no time!

Yes, you should definitely wait with baited breath because I have articles written, waiting for the new platform. Plus, all this busyness makes for some things to talk about.

See you soon….

I’m an Auntie - Again!

The bad news is, as you can see, we’re still on Tumblr. The good news is, I’m an auntie again! My new (only) nephew, Lucas, was born early this morning and is now healthy with his mom, my sister, who’s also doing well, all in a hospital in NH. This is my second time around being an Aunt. When my sister told me she was pregnant the first time, with my niece/goddaughter, Lana, I was SO excited and happy. I’d always wanted to be an aunt! And I’ve loved it since. When I found out she was pregnant again, it wasn’t as exciting and I wasn’t as into it. I guess because, it’s already happened, I already have ‘my’ kid. It’s probably not just me, in most families, people get more relaxed the more kids that are born, take less photos of them, don’t overworry as much, etc. There’s even a commercial about that, with first time mom and second time mom, one trying to get everything perfect and later she’s just eh, whatever. Doesn’t mean people give up on the subsequent kids, just that they’re more relaxed into their roles. So I’m more relaxed into being an aunt. Lana is 2 ½ (or she will be in two weeks), so she’s about the same age I was when my brother was born. I was the oldest child, and first grandchild on my mother’s side as well, just like Lana. Since I had the same experience, having a brother at the same time, I know what she’ll be going through. I sent her a Big Sister gift – a cute Boo book of him in San Francisco, and a Big Sister button. I want her to remember it’s not only all about the baby, it’s about her too. When Douglas, my brother, arrived, I was so excited for him, but also upset when all my toys were suddenly his as well and he seemed to have first dibs on everything. It’s not easy having a baby around! She said on Saturday she loves the sound of crying babies, I think she may change her mind soon! I looked up little Lucas’s birthday online and found he’s going to be all charm, good taste, organized, and a “wonderful sense of social decorum.” Wow, he’s going to be my total opposite! Lana and I have so much in common, I hope I don’t favorite her too much, especially since she’s my god daughter, but I think it will be good for her, and me, to have such an opposite person around to round things out. I wish I lived closer to take her out to do things while everyone is baby-struck (my parents took her to the library this morning and said she is going to be an even bigger reader than I am! Is that even possible? Maybe! Since I wasn’t SO avid at her age!). I am excited though to get to know this new little person in my life. Little boys are so much fun!

Don't Breathe a Word

Don’t Breathe a Word by Jennifer McMahon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was a vacation read book. I started it, and it got me through the beach, the pool, relaxing in the room, and the first part of my flight home. I’m not sure what i would call this book, but it ends up being a horror novel. A horror novel that’s not full of killing and gore, but something undeniably creepy. The whole story, you’re wondering, what on earth is going on?? Is it one way, another way, and the ending kind of blew me away. The core of the story is about a girl who was lost in the woods fifteen years ago, and now one woman is dating the missing girl’s brother, and events start happening again. I love how it flips back and forth between now and fifteen years ago. You get the point of view of the missing girl back then, and the main woman now. The whole time i was thinking hmm is that real, no, it has to be this way, no maybe that way. The ending was so cloudy and chilling. I can’t love this book any more, a definite must-read.

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I’m hoping to have my blog changes done this weekend, cross your fingers!!


Sorry, four (one?) readers, I’ve got nothing right now. Tired brain. I actually do have an interesting random blog I wrote the other day, but I don’t want to post it til I go back to blogger. So… guess I should set that up soon. Hope you all are having a great week!

The Appeal

The Appeal by John Grisham
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I enjoy Grisham but I don’t think I’ve read too too many of his books. This book begins after the trial is over, in a town where chemical dumps have ruined the water supply and poisoned the people. But what it’s really about is how it’s possible to buy a state supreme court judge. This book was written a few years ago, so i hope that the laws in some of these states have changed, but i doubt it. In some states, the judges are appointed, but in many, they are elected, and through shrewd campaigning and controlling, groups and companies can virtually guarantee the results they want in appeals. There is a ton of information and detail regarding appeals, cases, companies, elections, etc. I love it. I see on other reviews that people hate that, but i love information. Working in law, i can say that Grisham makes the law a bit more exciting than it is for me on a day to day basis, but i love it. Great book, i’ll be reading more. I would have finished it faster, but I left it home when i went for a long vacation, and then lost the book for a few days upon my return lol.

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Vidoes from Fiesta Mayor in Sitges, Spain

This past weekend, I finally got my photos onto Flickr and my videos made and posted, all from my Spain vacation. It’s just taken me this long to do anything about them, blog-wise. Still swamped at work!! I won’t overwhelm you with them, I’ll just pepper you with photo blogs here and there. But first, video. If a picture says a thousand words, how many does a video say? I think I mentioned before, the weekend ending our stay in Sitges, Spain, was la Fiesta Mayor, a local festival celebrating St. Bartholomew. Friday night, my friends and I were treated to a half hour long fireworks display, that incorporated the landscape and was pretty much right on top of some of the people watching. This isn’t a half hour, because that would get too boring, but it’s a little slice of time. You can hear my friends laughing and exclaiming when we saw how the fireworks were probably falling onto the people, and that there were PLANES flying right through the bombardment, and the boats full of people watching had to back off a few times. Plus the coughing from everyone’s dumb allergies LOL.

Saturday was our last day in Spain (we left first thing Sunday morning, early!) and that’s when the folk dancing happened. We heard there was something happening and we walked all around the village looking, but saw just the usual crowds of people in their Fiesta Mayor shirts, or tons of people selling dora the explorer balloons (who knows lol!) I finally heard something up at the church and said, let’s go check it out! When we got there, there were all these people doing folk dances. It’s a little hard to see, but you can see ribbon dancing, hoop dancing, stick dancing, all things I’ve seen at festivals from other cultures, but not just randomly at a celebration. At the end, I included the three of us in there, because I always make videos and forget to put us, well especially me, in.

It’s our San Francisco summer here…. it’s chilly part of July and all of August but in September it gets to be what most people would recognize as summer. Last week and weekend we had a heat wave. Friday night i went out, which i don’t often do on Fridays, to see my friend spin, and i was in shorts and sleeveless and no coat! At night! wow! LOL. Saturday was in the 90s! I loved it!! I quickly finished my club work and got to hang out with friends, chilling at a bar and sushi. Sunday it cooled off a bit, probably high 70s, and we had a nice time in the park, then dinner, wine and the new Ellen game at a friends’ house. It’s nice to be able to afford to just have a drink or spontaneously go to a restaurant, or chip in for groceries, now that I don’t have a trip for seven months. I’m very sad I don’t get to go anywhere til April, but I guess there are slight advantages. It eases up a teency bit on the budget. Just a little. I wish that heat wave would come back…sigh…it’s only 70 each day now…but that’s still nice so I won’t complain much!! What do you think of the videos? Hope your summer/fall is great!

In Rememberance, Thank You

I think I’ll be making some changes soon to make this blog more readable, and try and make more time for it, for me to write so you all will actually want to read :) In the meantime, we all know it’s 9/11 and twelve years later, although i did not lose anyone in the tragedy, that date still strikes me as i remember that Monday morning, my mother calling me at work because i was too hungover to put the radio on in the car on my drive over and telling me. My mom, like me, tends towards being overdramatic, so i didn’t really believe her, but then remember being so scared when i went online and checked. I lived in Boston, and we all thought we’d be attacked next, especially with the plane connection. When I was just in Spain, we saw things like a courtyard where a whole class of school children were bombed during the wars and the scars are still there. Some people live in fear the way we all did that day and the following ones, where the police went around with machine guns, helicopters patrolled, and we were all stopped for random ID and car trunk checks, and we were grateful for them. They live in fear every day, not just a time twelve years ago. So, I’m thinking of everyone who lost their lives in this tragedy, all the rescue workers and regular people who helped out, and all the soldiers who protect us. But also of everyone everywhere who lives in fear every day.

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Gaining Perspective from an Exercise Break

Before I went away for two weeks, I’d been exercising an average of five, once in a while six, days a week. Sometimes, I’d take a long weekend off, for a vacation. Often, on vacations, I’d try to get at least one day of working out in. The last time I took a break of a week or more was seven years ago, when I moved to San Francisco and had no gym membership here yet since my gym I had in Boston doesn’t exist here. Then I went to spain, and when you’re in Europe, it’s silly to waste time at the gym, and I came back, gave myself one more day off, then went right back at it. And it is HARD. I’ve heard that you should take gym breaks, but I never do. Now I’ve learned that when you do, you gain perspective. I thought my workouts were a cinch, no big deal. Now I see how in shape I was, not body builder, but slightly toned, so that these workouts that felt easy or only slightly challenging, yet fun, are actually kinda hard. I thought that my walking around San Francisco, where I live here without a car, was also no big deal. I’d heard that in Europe, everyone walks a ton. In reality, I walked some, but not nearly as much as I do on a daily basis here in SF, and without our steep, steep hills. Coming back, walking around is much more tiring. Lugging bags of groceries up blocks of steep hills is now even harder. Now I know why I couldn’t keep weight on. Eating healthy but tasty food, walking all around and exercising in a fun, yet sort of hard way made me lose more weight than I preferred. Going to spain and walking, but walking less, and eating not tasty, small food that made me sick so I hardly ate anything at all let me gain some of that weight back. My friend told me that it’s hard to put on weight in Europe, I felt I might. I could hardly lose any more than I had already… yes, even with the almost no food, I still gained it. This, and the shaking, sore muscles I have now proves how much activity I get on a daily basis. So I really thank the exercise break for my perspective. Now I just have to decide what to do with it. I will continue working out and I’m sure the workouts will get easier again. My muscles will tone back up. Will they get even bigger after their rest? I hope so! But who knows, we’ll see. The question is should I modify my exercise to less? Up my food intake? Does this exercise break prove that I was expending too much energy, or maybe it’s good to just be that active. At the very least, I won’t take my workouts for granted anymore. It feels good to know that I’m as in shape as I am (or will be again, once I get back in the swing of things). I know that a little of the difficulty is because I’ve been sick since spain, and once I’m all better the exercising will naturally be easier when I have more energy, but I feel that working out when you’re sick helps your immune system bounce back, plus it cheers me up. Do you take workout breaks? How long are they, and how often? What do you think these breaks do for you, positively and negatively? Now I’m back to work, with my aching legs and arms lol.

Bastard Out of Carolina

Bastard Out of Carolina by Dorothy Allison
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Here is the story of a girl growing up poor in the recent past, not sure of the exact decade, with an abusive stepdad. I guess this fiction is supposed to be semi-biographical. The whole book i kept forgetting how old everyone was. I think the girl is a teenager and she’s 9 or so. I think the mom is old, and she’s 25. People grew up so fast, aged so fast. A lot of the book is very depressing and sad, all the abuse and downtroddenness, but the way the family all loves each other (well, i can’t say the mom and stepdad love that girl, but the aunts, uncles, cousins, granny, etc) and sticks together was really nice. And there were some cute and funny parts mixed in. But those moments kind of made it even sadder, since it made things more realistic. The end of the book was just unsatisfying, although I won’t say what happens and give any spoilers. Overall, a very good book, but I just warn you, this isn’t a happy, light subject matter thing. This is no oh i’m on the beach read. But do read it.

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